Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LMAO @ Tracy Morgan

“Bitches” don’t mean women—“bitches” mean bitches! A bitch is a bitch! And it isn’t just the women. I know some bitch-ass motherfuckers! You know who killed Tupac and Biggie? A bunch of bitches! You know who killed Martin Luther King? A bitch! Whoever did it, you’re a bitch! You know who killed Bruce Lee? A bitch! You know who Satan is? He’s a bitch!"

Monday, December 14, 2009

When I just can't take it...

I stare into your eyes and forget about the real world for a minute...
Time stands still and its just your smile and your laughter that i hear. <3

Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrated 1 year of marriage on Sat. : )

People search for love in all the wrong places, go through different relations trying to feel something more.
Yet all they see is different faces and go through these phases, hoping love will show up knocking at their door.
Many people cry to the same sad song; the feeling of unrequited love and a broken heart.
Two fundamental life lessons that don’t mean a damn thing, until it hits close to your most prized possession.
We find ourselves unable to let go, unable to see past the anxiety of the unknown when its time to let them in.
We’re too jaded and hesitant to let our true feelings show & let the healing begin.
It’s letting go that is the scariest feeling, but you can’t beat that feeling that leaves your heart full of joy.
Life has molded me and made me who I am today, & I know I have my flaws.
Yet through your perception you don’t see my every imperfection.
I am forever grateful for all the wonderful things I’ve gained.
It’s because of you that I have learned so much, grown and changed.
You and I were predestined to meet in troubling times for a reason I can’t phase or ignore.
It was in our life plan to cross paths; I knew from our first kiss that we could be more.
We may have done things a little fast & backwards, but we keep pushing forward making moves.
We set off determined to prove so many wrong and came out stronger for it.
I can honestly say that I have never felt a love like this,
Out of everyone in your life you chose me to be your wife.
I promise to Love, honor & respect you for the rest of my life.
Happy 1year anniversary baby, Here is to many, many more!!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Today is my 22nd birthday. I woke up feeling blessed for another wonderful year of life with my family. I have my health, unconditional love & the strength to push through whatever gets thrown my way. It has been a wonderful year filled with beautiful memories and priceless moments. I feel great today.

Love is Love


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My mother once told me that love wasn’t a game, I said “ma, these boys is silly and they’re all the same.”
She said “mind games are fun, but you might end up playing with the wrong one.”
She sat me down and started dropping jewels. I rolled my eyes thinking “Im never gona fall for any of these fools.”

She said “you might not believe me but I was once young too, I had plenty boys trying to get it just like you.”
She told me love hurts like hell when you fall deep, and unrequited love hurts enough to stop your heart beat.
Sometimes what you think is love is really lust. Most teenage boys just want to bag girls like it’s a must.
It’s a necessity to have bragging rights, they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear if you turn off the lights.
She told me when you love hard things can get heavy quick, you gotta keep a cool head and make sure not to slip.

All it takes is one time, to have your dreams take the back seat over a few seconds of bliss.
It’s hard enough when babies make more babies; but its worse when young girls never get to become young ladies.
What you don’t know CAN & WILL hurt you; never put it on someone else to look out for you.
You are your own protector so guard your body as such; “he said he loves me” is never enough.
There’s too much out here to go about it so carelessly, the last thing you want to catch is an STD or HIV.
We live in a world where things aren’t cut and dry, sometimes you gotta dig deeper and question why.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love like this..

Okay, so I have to sit at my desk during my lunch hour since I came in late today. Ugh, Im hungry as hell but these bottle caps will have to hold me over till my baby gets back from lunch. I took my daughter to get her 18 month check up…she was pissed after her shots Lol. I feel bad cause I didn’t get to go out to lunch with my hubby on his birthday but…we have later tonight to toast and celebrate. I bought him some chocolate covered stawberries as a little something for his birthday, they are supposed to be delivered today so lets hope he likes that little gesture. : ) His 1500 dollar watch wont be in his hands till his bday party on saturday lol.

I am honestly blessed to have a strong man at my side. He is my best friend and such a wonderful person. It will be our first year anniversary as man and wife on Dec. 5th. Not to say that our relationship is perfect at all times; we are humans with emotions, needs and wants. But I am blessed to have met this man and chose him to be the one I walk hand in hand with on this beautiful journey.

Have a blessed day everyone!


Monday, September 28, 2009


Honestly, i heard this track and started laughing...not cause its a funny song, but because i was at that point once in my life. I look back at it now and I am better for it, but know how some songs can take you back to a moment in time. All this shit came rushing back to me, girl can sang! If you havent coped her album "The Bridge", get on that. Thanks REGGIE for your post on it, put me on to some good music.  Love is Love.

Have a blessed monday!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Super Duper MAMA

You ever feel like sometimes, you’re doing a little too much and aren’t getting the recognition you deserve for it? You frontin with a smile as big as Mr. Ed’s as if you got everything under control, knowing damn well…you aint got nothing undercontrol lol. See in my mind, when I want to do something I plan it out…somewhere btwn point A and Point B…something goes left. Either something happens, or I get sidetracked…which is very easy when you have a soon to be 18 month old diva in your house. (*A WHOLE OTHER TOPIC I’LL GET BACK TO*)

We tend to try and take on a lot because as women we are told you have to be mother, home maker and wife. That’s 3 different women balled up into 1 super human being. Lol. It’s nice to hear that we are appreciated, even more sweet when its that unexpected show of appreciation. To my hard balancing act queens!- here is to you!! To LOVE, JOY & A LITTLE BIT OF SANITY. LOL.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Tomorrow": Written by- L. Vasquez

Though it hurts like hell baby, keep your head up
The rain may be pouring now, but it’ll let up
The troubles of the world got you down and out of luck
Just know, that though I can’t ease the pain away
Today will soon be over and you’ll have a brighter day

Don’t listen to the doubts cause they’ll make you doubt yourself
Know that you’re worth more then gold when you love yourself
Dry your teary eyes cause it just dims your light
Out of sight and out of mind; sometimes you have to uplift yourself

You are beautiful, intelligent and articulate
You are everything and more so don’t you ever doubt yourself
You are gracious and stunning with a walk your own
You’re a queen who sits rightfully on her throne
You are more then meets the eye because you’re wise beyond your years
So here’s to who you are and who you could be- cheers!

Though it hurts like hell baby, keep your head up
The rain may be pouring now, but it’ll let up
The troubles of the world got you down and out of luck
Just know, that though I can’t ease the pain away

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Remember...9/11/2001

"A memory of bravery and self-sacrifice, and the love that lays down its life for a friend–even a friend whose name it never knew."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Mother"- Written by: L. Vasquez

I can’t thank you enough for this gift called life
You fed me and clothed me; taught me right from wrong
You blessed me with the opportunity to be a mother and a wife
There is so much about you that I admire, I may of never told you
I love that you’re about your kids; supportive in everything we do
Things may go left but you’re always right beside me
Through thick and thin mama you never left me solo
You wiped away my tears and you held my hand when things got scary
You were always two steps ahead like a visionary

There’s a lot to be said about a mother, because she is your mother and compares to no other
Diamonds and pearls and material things can’t take her place
I know for a fact cause my mama shines brighter then a million jewels put together
She shines even brighter with a smile upon her face

You and I have had to lean on eachother when we got stuck between a rock and a hard place
I always thought of you as fearless, somehow impermeable to lifes low blows
You weren’t afraid to show me that you cry too, up until then I didn’t know that side of you
You were always jokes and laughs trying to make light of any issues
That in turn gave me a higher respect for you
You are my super hero who fly’s higher then anybody out there
We don’t just keep it moving; we keep it light speed ahead- Cruising



Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Lost Letter"- Written by: L. Vasquez

Dear Friend,

Where did you go? - I do not know
Are you doing well? - I sure hope so
Sometimes when im alone I sit and wonder about where you're at
Are you safe out there, are you happy?
It’s been a few years now since I’ve seen your face and smile
Sometimes I wonder how things could be if we still kept in touch, if you had stayed.
Deep down I really miss you so I think about something else.

It hurts too much to not see you here, a part of my life.
I always admired you for your strength; we battled cancer, emotional abuse and life’s tribulations.
Ask me for anything and I'll say "yes" with no hesitation.
You were the one I could run to when things got tough and I felt out of touch with the world.
You were my best-friend, my go-to girl.
You let me cry myself out and crash at your home when I needed a place to stay.
Reassured me that with gods helping hands I would make it out okay.
To this day I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me.
Im just sorry we became so distant due to distant places and changing faces.
Certain people are placed in your life at just the right time and fade in and out like seasons.
They are God’s angels that help light your way, and sometimes you help each other shine brighter.

P.S- I miss you


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Crazy Dream

It’s me and Rosa on a crowded elevator on the top floor
Everyone gets in, and there is some guy surrounded by a bunch of other guys; he reminded me of Diddy for some reason
We start going down and then the elevator cable breaks and we are falling
Everyone looks around at each other knowing that when this finally hits the bottom, we’re not going to make it
A vision of a black colored wall with red brick keeps popping in my face as I hold on to the side of the elevator
I don’t remember much of what the inside of it looked like; I just remember it being dark
We hit the bottom and then I see myself standing there with Rosa
We’re both looking around confused
No one can see us standing there; our souls are wandering around the lobby floor in like a daze
We start to run from these three people dressed in black
We somehow make it back to a condo or apt
I start to wonder where my daughter and husband are
There was some other girl in the apt, I tried to talk to her and scream to see if she could hear me
Nothing; she passes through me-literally
I look in the next room and I see D’angelo; Rosa’s son laying across the bed
My vision blurs back and forth
I see him talking to her as she caresses his face; then I see him just laying there talking to no one
The thought of my daughter being able to see me pops in my head
I become overwhelmed with excitement and anxiousness
My heart starts racing and then I wake up

- That dream was so surreal. I am left wondering what it all means. I woke up scared and confused with tears streaming from my face. I looked over at my husband sleeping next to me, and thanked god that it was a dream. I got up and walked to my daughters’ room; she curled up in her crib. I don’t know what you were trying to tell me, but it must have been something important. I know everybody dreams- it’s just a matter of being able to remember them, but I rarely remember any dreams. I only remember symbolic dreams when I am being sent a message or warning. I don’t know if anyone else takes their dreams seriously, but I do. I don’t know what dying and not being able to see my family means…has my mind kind of messed up. Its bananas… I keep telling myself that it’s just a dream, but it's more then that.

Im out…just had to jot it down before I forgot it.


Friday, July 31, 2009

"Amazing"- Written by: L. Vasquez

There’s a new glimmer in your eyes when you look at me
Each smile shines brighter and each laugh resounds in my mind longer

You read faces and react to what you now perceive to be the proper response
You laugh a little harder and I can tell its cause you really are tickled pink
Its not a fake laugh to appease, you do so when you please
I think its funny how you have your own walk with an attitude
A little less then 3 ft tall but your walk is your own
Lil miss thang walks around like she’s full grown
Can’t help but smile baby, cause that’s all You
Fearless and outspoken;on the brink of talking full sentences, how exciting
I cant wait to exchange words with you; get a glimpse of what goes on in your mind box
Its already so much fun when you try and sing along, and imitate hand gestures
I don’t think any lecture could have ever prepared me for this fun phase
Simply amazing


Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers 2

This movie was jive nice. I thought it was going to be kinda eh since I liked the first one but it really wasn't all that. I would say this joint is better then the first one.

My favorite Characters in the movie hands down were these two twins. I know theres this whole controversey with this movie being racist but I really dont think its that serious. People worry about small shit when they should be focused on other things in todays world. Yall should check it out, there are some cussing robots. Caught me off guard like word? ...yup they really said that. Lol. Days coming to an end...yey!!!!! Holla!!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey Young World...

This morning they were talking on the radio about how when you reach different stages in life, so called “friends” dump you.
For example when you get engaged- your single girlfriends will see you less and less. Partly do to the fact that you’re going to gravitate towards
your girls who have serious boyfriends or fiancées etc. Once you get married or have a baby they slowly wean you away to the point where
its random txt to say
Them: Hi, how you doing?
Me: Im good thanks, you?
Them: Im good. Hows the baby and your hubby?
Me:They are great, baby is getting bigger and bigger.
Them: Aw, that’s cool. We should hang out soon.
Me: Ok, when?
Them: Idk, I’ll get back to you.Ttyl.
WTF? Lol. I hate getting txts like this all random. And what really irritates me is those Txt Chain letters.
How do you have time to fwd me a stupid Txt chain letter but cant call me to say Hi?! Lol. That makes no sense.

From my little bubbles perspective I don’t know too many 21 year olds who are already married with a child, own their own house and aren’t dependent on their parents. Don’t get me wrong there are probably plenty of ppl who
Have all that, I just don’t know of any within my circle. They are all still in college or living at home with their parents. *(Im not knocking you cause you're making something of your future.Lol.) And sadly some are still on that highschool shit. Idk if anyone else feels where im coming from Lol. I guess im just frusterated that in order to grow up and do my own thing, I lose touch with peers my age. Oh well, Im tired so im out.

Be blessed! God is Good & he LOVES you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Take Backs"- Written by: L. Vasquez

Take Backs

“They said that if I gave it to you, it would be so great
But they failed to tell me once you quit it, it would be to late”
Little girls trying to “act” grown and play house- when they have no clue what the real worlds ‘bout
Forced to grow up and make adult decision before their reasoning is up to par
Had they kept their noses in them books, who’s to say what endavors lay before them- they could of gone far
Some grow up and take care of their responsibilities but too many are just too naiive to understand
Motherhood is not a 9-5p type gig, it’s a 24/7 365 type bid
At least that’s how they see it; wishing they could go out and party with their girlfriends
Now their stuck at home playing house and changing diapers barely able to see their “friends”
Young ladies raising babies way before their time; looking back wishing they could do things over
Too late- no take backs


Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Let Go" -Written by: L. Vasquez

They say love is blind so maybe that’s why I don’t want to open my eyes//
Cause when I do I have to fight back these tears and the urge to cry//
Is it just me or are we living a lie for the sake of painting a perfect picture?//
I keep holding on to dreams of living life as man and wife; like it says in the bible scripture//
When do you let go of someone you love and put before all others ,yet all you are to them now-Is his kids mother//
I can keep the façade of an oblivious girlfriend and see how long that works//
While I let it sit and fester in my mind until it gets worse//
Till it gets to the point where I begin to lose self esteem and self worth//

Talks turn into arguments and verbal disrespect// yeah yeah im buggin that’s the usual- I already know what to expect//
Yet how do you want me to react when you do and say the things you do//
Seems like you pick and choose your words with precision to illicit my reaction//
Adding fuel to the fire as if there are no reprocucions for your actions//
Like you wanna pick a fight to be given a reason to go out and do your dirt//

Coming home at 3AM, smelling like perfume with lipstick on your shirt//
We get to exchanging insults and it turns into a verbal massacre//
It’s never turned physical but I cant say I’d put it past you//
I hate the angry chatter that in the end get me no where//
its not fair that I end up In tears everytime, with you giving me a blank stare//
What the fuck is this relationship based on? Bits and pieces of what once was that’s no longer being worked on//
Shambles of a perfect picture//

FYI- This is not about me.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day for the Ducks...

Tis another dreary, wet & cold day…bleh.
Ladies time to rock your cute rain boots and umbrellas.
I forgot why I don’t like spring so much…because they are so

My daughter is a year old now. It is so weird but I was staring at her the other day
And I couldn’t help but remember when she was handed to me at the hospital, or her first check up.
*sigh…The first time I heard her cry or that helpless feeling I got in the pit of my stomach when they had to draw her blood the first time. OMG, I wanted to kill them. (Mind you they left a huge bruise on her that till this day is now finally going away)

You know how some people say that once your child is born, a mother is born too? I used to be like duh, of course cause now you have a baby+ so you’re a mother now. Lol. But it goes deeper then that. Once you hear YOUR child cry, once you see them and get to hold them and all that…call it your motherly instinct but that woman gradually realizes that this is her most precious gift. In life. That mother just like a newborn learns things about herself that no one else can teach her. Being a first time mother is terrifying, you wanna make sure you do everything the right now, you feel lost sometimes. … So all my ladies raising their child on their own or first time parents…I know its not easy but you’ll figure it out. Everything will work out for the best so keep your heads up. J A huge hug out to all of you & anyone else who needs one today.

I was watching the news yesterday about that little girl who was found in the suitcase; how her Sunday school teacher raped and killed her. It made me so sad…like really? First it was Cailey Anthony, then it was Haleigh Cummings, and now Sandra Cantu. Innocent little girls….why? I thank god for my blessings and can’t imagine why someone would do such a thing. Theres just been a lot going on with everything these days. People killing people because they lost their jobs or someone made them mad…don’t get me wrong I know this has been happening all the time. It just seems like its happening more often cause you’re hearing more and more about them taking place. I am just in a thoughtful mood with all this rain.

I hope your day is going better wherever you are out there. Have a blessed one.


Friday, April 3, 2009

rain, rain...

Good afternoon on this gloomy and cloudy,

How goes it on your end? A little more sun shining your way perhaps…
Don’t you just hate staring out when it rains and it’s all dark, I don’t know about you but that makes me very sleepy.
(Mind you I have a bunch of windows and a glass door in front of me to look at. – Yey. :

I keep hearing talk of the Air Yeezy…. Please let it go. It’s a shoe. If you don’t like it then that’s cool, that’s your opinion
&& if that’s what you choose to rock cause that’s the hype right now…whateva, do you. Life’s too short to get stuck on
The little things, dig? Years from now you’re going to get clowned for everything you used to think was cool. LOL

My daughter turns 1 in 9 days!!! How fricken awesome and scary that is. YIKES! My lil pumpkin is def going to be a dancer,
She was rockin to some music yesterday. She had her hands all out and was wiggling her body like watch me now!, the more
We clapped the wider her grill got. LOL. Kids are amazing. I miss her- good thing I am picking her up this evening. On that note;

Love the people you consider “family” and spend as much time with them as possible.

Wishing you a blessed and safe weekend.

Ciao xx


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

-- Robert Frost

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."


Monday, March 30, 2009

"More Than"- Written by: L.Vasquez

Much more then eyes, lashes and luscious lips
Much more then breasts and thighs with matching hips
I exude more then sex from my finger tips
More then just a good lay-
I’ve got a mind as well as a body; I do have other interests & hobbies.
I am worth much more then the exterior; if you care to know my name?
Or is that going by the rules of the game all wrong?
Shall I remain nameless and be just another face?
Another trophy on your wall of conquests…

Funny thing is I feel shameless…lying here naked beside you.
Two nameless beings that for a few seconds were as one,
now leaving as quickly as we came.
You got yours and I got mine, two different entities yet one in the same.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I just hit up mediatakeout, and well...the pics of ri ri are just that "DAYUM!", chris really beat the sh*t out of her. Self defense or not, you jsut dont hit a least not that bad if its jsut hands, and she doesnt have a weapon on her. Come on now...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"First Steps"- Written by: L. Vasquez

Little chubby fingers wrap around trying to get a good enough grip
Bright pink and brown shoes placed firmly on the ground
Little body wobbles trying to get equilibrium
A quick look around in search of arms ready to catch-ready!
A giddy squeal fills the room as anticipation and excitement take over
All smiles
First little foot moves up,and then a little push; and we’re off
Her little legs bump into the wheels of the walker as she tries to run

Knees buckle and she falls; looks around for reassurance
“You can do it baby. It’s okay, Get up”

She picks herself up again, takes it all in stride
Little feet move in a fast pace as they make their way across the room

Two pearly whites shine bright with her innocent glow
She can’t contain herself
She giggles and laughs as everyone shares in her proud moment
She did it! Hooray!
I cherish these moments when time stands- s- t- i- l- l


Monday, January 12, 2009


Im sick of being SiiCK!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Seriously, WOW this is going to be a timeless classic. This movie is a great one; keeps you interested and wondering what is going to happen next. The idea of being born “backwards”…crazy…I don’t cry during movies and it got me twice Lol. You see this man grow up and learn things about life with a different perspective then anyone else…I don’t want to spoil it, It is a must see. No lie, you will not regret it. You might learn something ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeling fresh off the wake up
Here at work trying to get my cake up
Just got paid so I know its gonna be a great one
Bills all paid so I’m feeling real- laxed
Brand New year for a Brand New plan
Trying to be debt free, ya feel me?

Hello and Good Morning,
Had some laughs reading La la’s blog. You’re too funny; the top 20 had some interesting characters.
Freshened up my list of blogs and added a few new joints. (: yesterday felt like a Friday even though it was thurday…woke up this morning like…”damn, I have work today..” lol Hubby let me sleep in a half hour, Oh how I adore this man. I am here at work and it feels weird; doesn’t feel like a Monday its just a little off. The boss is out today once a-gain so I shall spruce up my desk and clean this b*tch up. FOREAL though. Have a blessed one. Leave a comment or something.