Friday, February 20, 2009


I just hit up mediatakeout, and well...the pics of ri ri are just that "DAYUM!", chris really beat the sh*t out of her. Self defense or not, you jsut dont hit a least not that bad if its jsut hands, and she doesnt have a weapon on her. Come on now...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"First Steps"- Written by: L. Vasquez

Little chubby fingers wrap around trying to get a good enough grip
Bright pink and brown shoes placed firmly on the ground
Little body wobbles trying to get equilibrium
A quick look around in search of arms ready to catch-ready!
A giddy squeal fills the room as anticipation and excitement take over
All smiles
First little foot moves up,and then a little push; and we’re off
Her little legs bump into the wheels of the walker as she tries to run

Knees buckle and she falls; looks around for reassurance
“You can do it baby. It’s okay, Get up”

She picks herself up again, takes it all in stride
Little feet move in a fast pace as they make their way across the room

Two pearly whites shine bright with her innocent glow
She can’t contain herself
She giggles and laughs as everyone shares in her proud moment
She did it! Hooray!
I cherish these moments when time stands- s- t- i- l- l