Friday, January 2, 2009

Feeling fresh off the wake up
Here at work trying to get my cake up
Just got paid so I know its gonna be a great one
Bills all paid so I’m feeling real- laxed
Brand New year for a Brand New plan
Trying to be debt free, ya feel me?

Hello and Good Morning,
Had some laughs reading La la’s blog. You’re too funny; the top 20 had some interesting characters.
Freshened up my list of blogs and added a few new joints. (: yesterday felt like a Friday even though it was thurday…woke up this morning like…”damn, I have work today..” lol Hubby let me sleep in a half hour, Oh how I adore this man. I am here at work and it feels weird; doesn’t feel like a Monday its just a little off. The boss is out today once a-gain so I shall spruce up my desk and clean this b*tch up. FOREAL though. Have a blessed one. Leave a comment or something.



LaLa said...


All the best to you and your fam bam in 09.

<3 L

tataJunkiee said...

feelz you on the dept free part; have a good year hunz. and thanks for following

The Creative Sort said...

Happy New year! Thanks for checkin out my blog girl! xxx

Jervis said...

thanks for stoppin by and checking the blog,and following,i will do the same,keep in touch

POME said...

nicee blog:)

riva. said...

amen to the debt free aspect!

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