Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcoming 2009

New Year 2008 is finally coming to an end-
A wonderful year with so many new things taking place
2007 was an amazing year but;
O V E R A L L -this has to be the best year ever hands down.

I was blessed with my precious angel; who is MY PRIDE && JOY (:
I got married to my best friend of 5 years, and
I’ve officially gained a new family and look forward to growing and learning along with both families.

This year I’ve learned my family is even stronger then I thought when faced with adversity. My mother is my rock and she holds it down for her children regardless of what they do. Although sometimes I wonder how that is possible; to love unconditionally and continue to fight for someone…hoping they make it in life, now as a mother I understand. With your own life experiences you grow and learn, gaining so much more then from hearing word of mouth in some cases. Sometimes the greatest lessons are taught by life and the decisions we take. As parents all we can do is try and guide our children in the best way we can; instill the very best we can in hopes they will take all that and grow up to be the amazing people we know they can be. I truly love my mother…

she has her imperfections; but she is perfect to me. :)

This New Year 2009 will continue to be a great year I know it. My daughter will turn a year old this coming April and I can’t wait for all the new things she will learn. Every smile and every giggle are what keep me going. Teaching her to say Dada and Mama, and to teach her how to wave goodbye…man, that was such a proud moment for me and her. As they say “There is no hand book on raising a child”. To be honest….I am so glad there isn’t one, because this hands on experience is the best! As she masters a new task, no matter how big or small to me it is phenomenal. My husband and I have learned a lot about ourselves and I can’t imagine a better father for this beautiful little girl. 1 + 1 = Love ; but 2 + 1 = a greater Love that’s thrice as nice than any duo.

New Years Resolutions; I want to continue to grow and be a better person, control my anger, Be more patient- as my great friend once told me ”Patience is something that takes time to grow...the Bible considers it to be part of the Fruit of the Spirit...and every fruit has to be cultivated. So get going little gardener.”
I want to gain some weight, get back into my art, get back to writing, get back to nurturing myself as well as others… && I’m still thinking about the rest Lol.

Hope you had a blessed year 2008 and if not; hey there is always Next year. Love your family and Love yourself, all of that comes first before trying to make wealth. Never lose who you are or your self respect; cause when its all said and done- take away the material things and that’s all you got left. -me.
God Bless.


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