Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My mother once told me that love wasn’t a game, I said “ma, these boys is silly and they’re all the same.”
She said “mind games are fun, but you might end up playing with the wrong one.”
She sat me down and started dropping jewels. I rolled my eyes thinking “Im never gona fall for any of these fools.”

She said “you might not believe me but I was once young too, I had plenty boys trying to get it just like you.”
She told me love hurts like hell when you fall deep, and unrequited love hurts enough to stop your heart beat.
Sometimes what you think is love is really lust. Most teenage boys just want to bag girls like it’s a must.
It’s a necessity to have bragging rights, they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear if you turn off the lights.
She told me when you love hard things can get heavy quick, you gotta keep a cool head and make sure not to slip.

All it takes is one time, to have your dreams take the back seat over a few seconds of bliss.
It’s hard enough when babies make more babies; but its worse when young girls never get to become young ladies.
What you don’t know CAN & WILL hurt you; never put it on someone else to look out for you.
You are your own protector so guard your body as such; “he said he loves me” is never enough.
There’s too much out here to go about it so carelessly, the last thing you want to catch is an STD or HIV.
We live in a world where things aren’t cut and dry, sometimes you gotta dig deeper and question why.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love like this..

Okay, so I have to sit at my desk during my lunch hour since I came in late today. Ugh, Im hungry as hell but these bottle caps will have to hold me over till my baby gets back from lunch. I took my daughter to get her 18 month check up…she was pissed after her shots Lol. I feel bad cause I didn’t get to go out to lunch with my hubby on his birthday but…we have later tonight to toast and celebrate. I bought him some chocolate covered stawberries as a little something for his birthday, they are supposed to be delivered today so lets hope he likes that little gesture. : ) His 1500 dollar watch wont be in his hands till his bday party on saturday lol.

I am honestly blessed to have a strong man at my side. He is my best friend and such a wonderful person. It will be our first year anniversary as man and wife on Dec. 5th. Not to say that our relationship is perfect at all times; we are humans with emotions, needs and wants. But I am blessed to have met this man and chose him to be the one I walk hand in hand with on this beautiful journey.

Have a blessed day everyone!