Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers 2

This movie was jive nice. I thought it was going to be kinda eh since I liked the first one but it really wasn't all that. I would say this joint is better then the first one.

My favorite Characters in the movie hands down were these two twins. I know theres this whole controversey with this movie being racist but I really dont think its that serious. People worry about small shit when they should be focused on other things in todays world. Yall should check it out, there are some cussing robots. Caught me off guard like word? ...yup they really said that. Lol. Days coming to an end...yey!!!!! Holla!!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey Young World...

This morning they were talking on the radio about how when you reach different stages in life, so called “friends” dump you.
For example when you get engaged- your single girlfriends will see you less and less. Partly do to the fact that you’re going to gravitate towards
your girls who have serious boyfriends or fiancées etc. Once you get married or have a baby they slowly wean you away to the point where
its random txt to say
Them: Hi, how you doing?
Me: Im good thanks, you?
Them: Im good. Hows the baby and your hubby?
Me:They are great, baby is getting bigger and bigger.
Them: Aw, that’s cool. We should hang out soon.
Me: Ok, when?
Them: Idk, I’ll get back to you.Ttyl.
WTF? Lol. I hate getting txts like this all random. And what really irritates me is those Txt Chain letters.
How do you have time to fwd me a stupid Txt chain letter but cant call me to say Hi?! Lol. That makes no sense.

From my little bubbles perspective I don’t know too many 21 year olds who are already married with a child, own their own house and aren’t dependent on their parents. Don’t get me wrong there are probably plenty of ppl who
Have all that, I just don’t know of any within my circle. They are all still in college or living at home with their parents. *(Im not knocking you cause you're making something of your future.Lol.) And sadly some are still on that highschool shit. Idk if anyone else feels where im coming from Lol. I guess im just frusterated that in order to grow up and do my own thing, I lose touch with peers my age. Oh well, Im tired so im out.

Be blessed! God is Good & he LOVES you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Take Backs"- Written by: L. Vasquez

Take Backs

“They said that if I gave it to you, it would be so great
But they failed to tell me once you quit it, it would be to late”
Little girls trying to “act” grown and play house- when they have no clue what the real worlds ‘bout
Forced to grow up and make adult decision before their reasoning is up to par
Had they kept their noses in them books, who’s to say what endavors lay before them- they could of gone far
Some grow up and take care of their responsibilities but too many are just too naiive to understand
Motherhood is not a 9-5p type gig, it’s a 24/7 365 type bid
At least that’s how they see it; wishing they could go out and party with their girlfriends
Now their stuck at home playing house and changing diapers barely able to see their “friends”
Young ladies raising babies way before their time; looking back wishing they could do things over
Too late- no take backs


Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Let Go" -Written by: L. Vasquez

They say love is blind so maybe that’s why I don’t want to open my eyes//
Cause when I do I have to fight back these tears and the urge to cry//
Is it just me or are we living a lie for the sake of painting a perfect picture?//
I keep holding on to dreams of living life as man and wife; like it says in the bible scripture//
When do you let go of someone you love and put before all others ,yet all you are to them now-Is his kids mother//
I can keep the façade of an oblivious girlfriend and see how long that works//
While I let it sit and fester in my mind until it gets worse//
Till it gets to the point where I begin to lose self esteem and self worth//

Talks turn into arguments and verbal disrespect// yeah yeah im buggin that’s the usual- I already know what to expect//
Yet how do you want me to react when you do and say the things you do//
Seems like you pick and choose your words with precision to illicit my reaction//
Adding fuel to the fire as if there are no reprocucions for your actions//
Like you wanna pick a fight to be given a reason to go out and do your dirt//

Coming home at 3AM, smelling like perfume with lipstick on your shirt//
We get to exchanging insults and it turns into a verbal massacre//
It’s never turned physical but I cant say I’d put it past you//
I hate the angry chatter that in the end get me no where//
its not fair that I end up In tears everytime, with you giving me a blank stare//
What the fuck is this relationship based on? Bits and pieces of what once was that’s no longer being worked on//
Shambles of a perfect picture//

FYI- This is not about me.