Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Take Backs"- Written by: L. Vasquez

Take Backs

“They said that if I gave it to you, it would be so great
But they failed to tell me once you quit it, it would be to late”
Little girls trying to “act” grown and play house- when they have no clue what the real worlds ‘bout
Forced to grow up and make adult decision before their reasoning is up to par
Had they kept their noses in them books, who’s to say what endavors lay before them- they could of gone far
Some grow up and take care of their responsibilities but too many are just too naiive to understand
Motherhood is not a 9-5p type gig, it’s a 24/7 365 type bid
At least that’s how they see it; wishing they could go out and party with their girlfriends
Now their stuck at home playing house and changing diapers barely able to see their “friends”
Young ladies raising babies way before their time; looking back wishing they could do things over
Too late- no take backs


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