Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LMAO @ Tracy Morgan

“Bitches” don’t mean women—“bitches” mean bitches! A bitch is a bitch! And it isn’t just the women. I know some bitch-ass motherfuckers! You know who killed Tupac and Biggie? A bunch of bitches! You know who killed Martin Luther King? A bitch! Whoever did it, you’re a bitch! You know who killed Bruce Lee? A bitch! You know who Satan is? He’s a bitch!"

Monday, December 14, 2009

When I just can't take it...

I stare into your eyes and forget about the real world for a minute...
Time stands still and its just your smile and your laughter that i hear. <3

Monday, December 7, 2009

Celebrated 1 year of marriage on Sat. : )

People search for love in all the wrong places, go through different relations trying to feel something more.
Yet all they see is different faces and go through these phases, hoping love will show up knocking at their door.
Many people cry to the same sad song; the feeling of unrequited love and a broken heart.
Two fundamental life lessons that don’t mean a damn thing, until it hits close to your most prized possession.
We find ourselves unable to let go, unable to see past the anxiety of the unknown when its time to let them in.
We’re too jaded and hesitant to let our true feelings show & let the healing begin.
It’s letting go that is the scariest feeling, but you can’t beat that feeling that leaves your heart full of joy.
Life has molded me and made me who I am today, & I know I have my flaws.
Yet through your perception you don’t see my every imperfection.
I am forever grateful for all the wonderful things I’ve gained.
It’s because of you that I have learned so much, grown and changed.
You and I were predestined to meet in troubling times for a reason I can’t phase or ignore.
It was in our life plan to cross paths; I knew from our first kiss that we could be more.
We may have done things a little fast & backwards, but we keep pushing forward making moves.
We set off determined to prove so many wrong and came out stronger for it.
I can honestly say that I have never felt a love like this,
Out of everyone in your life you chose me to be your wife.
I promise to Love, honor & respect you for the rest of my life.
Happy 1year anniversary baby, Here is to many, many more!!