Monday, March 30, 2009

"More Than"- Written by: L.Vasquez

Much more then eyes, lashes and luscious lips
Much more then breasts and thighs with matching hips
I exude more then sex from my finger tips
More then just a good lay-
I’ve got a mind as well as a body; I do have other interests & hobbies.
I am worth much more then the exterior; if you care to know my name?
Or is that going by the rules of the game all wrong?
Shall I remain nameless and be just another face?
Another trophy on your wall of conquests…

Funny thing is I feel shameless…lying here naked beside you.
Two nameless beings that for a few seconds were as one,
now leaving as quickly as we came.
You got yours and I got mine, two different entities yet one in the same.