Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Let Go" -Written by: L. Vasquez

They say love is blind so maybe that’s why I don’t want to open my eyes//
Cause when I do I have to fight back these tears and the urge to cry//
Is it just me or are we living a lie for the sake of painting a perfect picture?//
I keep holding on to dreams of living life as man and wife; like it says in the bible scripture//
When do you let go of someone you love and put before all others ,yet all you are to them now-Is his kids mother//
I can keep the façade of an oblivious girlfriend and see how long that works//
While I let it sit and fester in my mind until it gets worse//
Till it gets to the point where I begin to lose self esteem and self worth//

Talks turn into arguments and verbal disrespect// yeah yeah im buggin that’s the usual- I already know what to expect//
Yet how do you want me to react when you do and say the things you do//
Seems like you pick and choose your words with precision to illicit my reaction//
Adding fuel to the fire as if there are no reprocucions for your actions//
Like you wanna pick a fight to be given a reason to go out and do your dirt//

Coming home at 3AM, smelling like perfume with lipstick on your shirt//
We get to exchanging insults and it turns into a verbal massacre//
It’s never turned physical but I cant say I’d put it past you//
I hate the angry chatter that in the end get me no where//
its not fair that I end up In tears everytime, with you giving me a blank stare//
What the fuck is this relationship based on? Bits and pieces of what once was that’s no longer being worked on//
Shambles of a perfect picture//

FYI- This is not about me.


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