Monday, December 22, 2008


Funny how you say you wanna come correct
But to say that outloud is such bull, you really must think you can still play me like a fool
See I was stuck in the drama for over 5 years, and through it all tears outweighed the happy times
Some how you kept me right there, feeding me line after line…
Time after time you kept me coming back; with a simple I love you- I was drawn right back
You still don’t know all the hurt you caused me- do ya!?
Guess what lil homie I don’t need you anymore
I don’t miss a damn thing bout ya, so keep it moving on to the next one
Claimed to be this and that but all was empty words
You don’t evoke the slightest desire in me, lets make that very clear
You are nothing to me- just like 07 sneakers- you’re so last year
But na its been way more then that…huh
Keep all your silly birds cause Im sure nothings changed
Icy wrists and blinged out chains
Louie V attire, Gucci wear galore
Fendi, Dolce and Gabana and many many more
You can keep your money long, cause that seems that’s all you’ve got going on
Keep them trips to Venice, mardid and to bahia
They all sound great but what does that all get you
Fake ass friends who are more concerned with your dividends
So excuse me if I put things in perspective
At one point I wished I had never meet you
But I realize now that you taught me a tough lesson
I was never about your money, nothing about me was ever phony
I was down with you way before I even knew about all that
I stuck it through the bullshit, the lies and the deceit
But you can’t let someone who claims to love you cause so much hurt
You say you play for keeps but you play to win at any cost
Many times you fooled me, but I was just a silly girl in love
In love with the happy ending, happily ever after that would never come
I went through a lot that year without you and I am so glad I did
Cause when you tried to come back, I had finally ripped you from within
It gave way to a new man in my life who would take away the strife
He would erase you from my memories and bring happiness into my life
Im so glad that you took time to “do you”, so in time I could open my eyes and see the real you
How conceited can you be to think someone would still be trying to run after you
Been almost two years and me and my HUSBAND are still going strong.
I don’t mean to burst your bubble or to come at you sideways but that seems to be the only way
Grow the fuck up already and get your mind right let go of them “old days”
Those days are long gone now, so let them be
Don’t give yourself that much credit cause im still me without you n*gga
I don’t need you at all, if you think I’m still in love with ya, why do you think I would call?
If You claim I'm stuck on you and won’t do any better…if it was really like that…wouldn’t I do at least that?
Why you feel the need to email me after so long…
Heh- you must think its supposed to make me sad to hear about you boastin’
I’m richer then you’ll ever be and I don’t need 7 or 8 figures.
I doubt you'll ever learn that, but I have no hard feelings cause you're the past black.
Reality check dawg- you’re old news
Don’t get it confused.
Time moves forward, lets keep it like that...instead of trying to bring it back.


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