Friday, December 12, 2008

"Single Mothers Cry"- Written by: L. Vasquez

Good Morning-
Eyes swollen from crying herself to sleep
She knows not what to do; she feels all she can do is weep
Heavy hearted she lays in bed trying to make sense of her life
How did things get to be this way?
Lonely and cold she misses his warmth next to her
Thinking back to how things were and she can’t figure out what went wrong
Why did he leave me? What did I do?
Why do I hate you and feel so lost without you too?
Her little boy looks at his mother with a confused face
He doesn’t understand why she’s crying, but he knows that she’s hurt
He places his little hand on her face and traces his finger along her eye lashes as he giggles and smirks
An innocent laughter and smile…her precious baby
A tear drop streams from her face and he takes his hand away
He gets frightened and begins to cry
Why did you leave us all alone the way you did? Was she worth it?
Do you think about your son when you’re away…
Trying to move on but there is something anchoring me to you
A feeling I wish I could shake and be done with
A chapter I hope to close in this book in order to begin a fresh page
Thoughts just pour into her mind and she becomes overwhelmed again
She lays her son next to her and holds him close as he lays on her chest
Running her fingers through his hair as he falls into a sweet slumber
The phone rings* could it be him?
“Sorry, I dialed the wrong number.”
-Not about me, more so about the how women feel in the general sense
when n*ggas up and leave. Inspired by people in my life...If you feel me- cool and if not then its not your cup a tea.
God bless all my beautiful and strong mothers out there. ♥


$oulCHK said...

<3 bless ur soul.

LaLa said...

amazingly said.
really touched my heart mainly because it's my life.

god bless,

chanel said...

this is a really good piece miss!
nice that you could empathize.


MS. NAOMiE said...

you're really good with words.
this described my situation to a T

nice blog