Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Super Duper MAMA

You ever feel like sometimes, you’re doing a little too much and aren’t getting the recognition you deserve for it? You frontin with a smile as big as Mr. Ed’s as if you got everything under control, knowing damn well…you aint got nothing undercontrol lol. See in my mind, when I want to do something I plan it out…somewhere btwn point A and Point B…something goes left. Either something happens, or I get sidetracked…which is very easy when you have a soon to be 18 month old diva in your house. (*A WHOLE OTHER TOPIC I’LL GET BACK TO*)

We tend to try and take on a lot because as women we are told you have to be mother, home maker and wife. That’s 3 different women balled up into 1 super human being. Lol. It’s nice to hear that we are appreciated, even more sweet when its that unexpected show of appreciation. To my hard balancing act queens!- here is to you!! To LOVE, JOY & A LITTLE BIT OF SANITY. LOL.



LaLa said...

awe! i lala love this mama! thanks for this, gave me back my super powers! ;)


xxxx said...

awww thanks for the recognition cause i sure dont get it at home..