Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey Young World...

This morning they were talking on the radio about how when you reach different stages in life, so called “friends” dump you.
For example when you get engaged- your single girlfriends will see you less and less. Partly do to the fact that you’re going to gravitate towards
your girls who have serious boyfriends or fiancées etc. Once you get married or have a baby they slowly wean you away to the point where
its random txt to say
Them: Hi, how you doing?
Me: Im good thanks, you?
Them: Im good. Hows the baby and your hubby?
Me:They are great, baby is getting bigger and bigger.
Them: Aw, that’s cool. We should hang out soon.
Me: Ok, when?
Them: Idk, I’ll get back to you.Ttyl.
WTF? Lol. I hate getting txts like this all random. And what really irritates me is those Txt Chain letters.
How do you have time to fwd me a stupid Txt chain letter but cant call me to say Hi?! Lol. That makes no sense.

From my little bubbles perspective I don’t know too many 21 year olds who are already married with a child, own their own house and aren’t dependent on their parents. Don’t get me wrong there are probably plenty of ppl who
Have all that, I just don’t know of any within my circle. They are all still in college or living at home with their parents. *(Im not knocking you cause you're making something of your future.Lol.) And sadly some are still on that highschool shit. Idk if anyone else feels where im coming from Lol. I guess im just frusterated that in order to grow up and do my own thing, I lose touch with peers my age. Oh well, Im tired so im out.

Be blessed! God is Good & he LOVES you.

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Hippoleetoe said...

I do agree that you go thro life changes and you loose and gain new friends along the way .. Its a matter of making what life gives you .. join communities in your area to gain friends who are your age and in the same blessed situations !! Everyone needs someone to talk too.

I also think everyone makes their own direction in life .. I'm 21 in school and yes still at home but do plan to make a name for myself one day so you can't knock all of us lol..

Love the blog ! :]