Friday, May 11, 2007

Sense of Self.?.

yes, what does it really mean? People claim that once you grow and mature with time you find yourself. You become comfterable in your beliefs and give no apologies for your actions, because you carry yourself the way you want to carry yourself and feel comfterable in your own skin. ??...
Tis somewhat confusing, because when do you know you really do feel comfterable with yourself. Or, is it one of those things where you really never know when you find yourself until your much much older. heh. ...Something to think about isnt it.
switching topics..I am trying to figure out what I want in life....I dont necessarily feel as if anything is missing. Nothing in particular...but people tell me I should be in a relationship. I talk to guys and only a handful of them do I keep in touch with. For the simple fact I know why they want to hang out with me. Which isnt going to happen, so why waste my time with someone whos got a lovely exterior but with ugly motives?!
I wont lie though sometimes I want to fall into those games. And sometimes I let things get beyond what I know they should be lol, but what can I say I am human like everyone else. So shut it. I recently decided to become celibate, yep! I am saving myself for marriage. We shall see how that goes. I believe I have enough will power to maintain sex free. There were a lot of people who got mad at me like I was crazy for doing it. Mind you they were all males. A girl cant get any support these days....I made the choice on my own so maybe thats a step in the right direction right? One step on the path to find me. :)

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