Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summer Love?...

Ehk. I realized I hate summer once again (here anyways heh.). See I like warm weather as long as there is a breeze or I am relaxing somewhere you know? Not sweating like crazy cause its hot out from just wack weather among many other factors. Grill`n in the car isnt my idea of a nice ride and defenitly hoping on the metro with all the tourists downtown is a whole other story. That has to be one of the minor setbacks in the summer. You cant go downtown comfterably because every single out of towner wants to pick the same time to head on out in groups of 7(+), rather

r -e- d- i- c- u- l- o- u- s
I defenitly wouldnt mind laying out on a beach somewhere while a cool breeze comes in and brushes along side me. Sippin on some pina falling asleep next to my baby underneath a star lit sky......that would be stellar.
BUT,reality is that wont be happening any time soon anyways. However, it is only a matter of time. My day shall come again. Bet. Im out.

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