Monday, May 14, 2007

Read Me. K Thanks. :)

You remember the feeling of having blood rush to your head when you were younger. Seeing who could be upside down the longest before you got sick or before your mom said something like 'if you dont get down your going to die', good times right? You remember 'borrowing' your brothers bestfriends bike, speeding off only to then skid out and bust open your knee. For those few moments you felt on top of the world. Little Miss Evil knievel.
Then as you start to hit the asphalt you realize your not going to walk away untouched. Then its like those Snap,crackle,pop commercials..and well of course you end up bleeding all over thinking your going to die. Those were the days eh?

Life has a way of teaching us how to prepare ourselves for the REAL WORLD. It starts schooling us as soon as we have cognitive reasoning. One could think of it metaphorically applying it to just about everything. In order to get something you want you take a RISK. You put yourself out there, wheather it be mind, body, soul or all three.
This is where it can go three ways;
1) You take that risk and you fail miserably, you give up and walk away jaded vowing never to try "a gain" (say it like those uppity females)
2)You take that risk and you fail, but it felt so right you try and try again.
3)You take that risk you succeed beyond your goal, and you live happily ever after. Ok maybe not that fairy tale ending but you gain so much more. You find confidence in your ability, you trust your gut instincts more and your open to take risks more often.

The Big question wait for it.....Is Life Nothing More then just a huge RISK?!
When you think about it as a whole of course it is. You must risk everything at some point in your life time to achieve that oh- so- splendid Happiness. The whole 'blood,sweat && tears' mentality. Thats rather icky so I didn`t want to word it that way. However, I know some of you are really all about that. If I could add sound effects I`d add that barking sound some of you do. heh. Whatever gets you through the day. :) The point of the entry you ask? I had one, but since I have A.D.D my brain has difficulty focusing on something very long. The point was Well, what would be the point of me telling you what the point was if you didn`t already grasp it? Yeah so Shuttup! Its pretty self explanitory. Carpe Diem!!!! I know you little geniuses already knew all this, simply a reminder. Ya Digg? :)


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