Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day for the Ducks...

Tis another dreary, wet & cold day…bleh.
Ladies time to rock your cute rain boots and umbrellas.
I forgot why I don’t like spring so much…because they are so

My daughter is a year old now. It is so weird but I was staring at her the other day
And I couldn’t help but remember when she was handed to me at the hospital, or her first check up.
*sigh…The first time I heard her cry or that helpless feeling I got in the pit of my stomach when they had to draw her blood the first time. OMG, I wanted to kill them. (Mind you they left a huge bruise on her that till this day is now finally going away)

You know how some people say that once your child is born, a mother is born too? I used to be like duh, of course cause now you have a baby+ so you’re a mother now. Lol. But it goes deeper then that. Once you hear YOUR child cry, once you see them and get to hold them and all that…call it your motherly instinct but that woman gradually realizes that this is her most precious gift. In life. That mother just like a newborn learns things about herself that no one else can teach her. Being a first time mother is terrifying, you wanna make sure you do everything the right now, you feel lost sometimes. … So all my ladies raising their child on their own or first time parents…I know its not easy but you’ll figure it out. Everything will work out for the best so keep your heads up. J A huge hug out to all of you & anyone else who needs one today.

I was watching the news yesterday about that little girl who was found in the suitcase; how her Sunday school teacher raped and killed her. It made me so sad…like really? First it was Cailey Anthony, then it was Haleigh Cummings, and now Sandra Cantu. Innocent little girls….why? I thank god for my blessings and can’t imagine why someone would do such a thing. Theres just been a lot going on with everything these days. People killing people because they lost their jobs or someone made them mad…don’t get me wrong I know this has been happening all the time. It just seems like its happening more often cause you’re hearing more and more about them taking place. I am just in a thoughtful mood with all this rain.

I hope your day is going better wherever you are out there. Have a blessed one.


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