Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love like this..

Okay, so I have to sit at my desk during my lunch hour since I came in late today. Ugh, Im hungry as hell but these bottle caps will have to hold me over till my baby gets back from lunch. I took my daughter to get her 18 month check up…she was pissed after her shots Lol. I feel bad cause I didn’t get to go out to lunch with my hubby on his birthday but…we have later tonight to toast and celebrate. I bought him some chocolate covered stawberries as a little something for his birthday, they are supposed to be delivered today so lets hope he likes that little gesture. : ) His 1500 dollar watch wont be in his hands till his bday party on saturday lol.

I am honestly blessed to have a strong man at my side. He is my best friend and such a wonderful person. It will be our first year anniversary as man and wife on Dec. 5th. Not to say that our relationship is perfect at all times; we are humans with emotions, needs and wants. But I am blessed to have met this man and chose him to be the one I walk hand in hand with on this beautiful journey.

Have a blessed day everyone!


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xxxx said...

awwww 1500 dollar watch...that is but happy birthday to him